Landscape Design Project (2018)


May, 2018
First e-mail from our clients:

…We are looking to widen an existing front driveway.

We are interested in a no-lawn, drought resistant landscape scheme for the remainder of the front yard.

We are also interested in an area for our dog, if possible…”

Existing condition: dead bushes, dead spruces, weeds
Design Idea:
We are looking for unique ways to enhance the front yard:
ECORUSTER –ground reinforcement system will be used for full area

1. Front yard = Large Patio.
Part of the patio (seating area) is paved with Rundle flagstone.
Part of the front yard is filled with finely chopped rundle and can be used for entertainment or for additional parking.

2. Two new rock gardens and flowerbeds of natural stone with various evergreens, ornamental shrubs and perennial plants add privacy, year-round interest and beauty.

3. Dog area next to the house with artificial grass and decorative fence and gate.

4. Vegetable Garden

5. Custom-made gate between the driveway and the front yard.

6. Mulching materials – crushed stone and crushed cedar.

Patio Design Idea #1
Patio Design Idea #2
Patio Design Idea #3
Landscape Design Plan
Site Preparation
ECORUSTER installation
Randle Flagstone
Randle Boulders
Dog Area
Rock Garden
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In the summer of 2018, my wife and I hired Lady Bug Creative Landscape & Design to help rehabilitate our damaged front yard. Lucy came up with some fantastic ideas; ones that we never would have dreamed up on our own. Her team worked tirelessly to bring her vision to reality. We couldn’t be more happy with our beautiful new front yard. We highly recommend Lady Bug Creative Landscape & Design, and we hope someday to have Lady Bug back to work on our backyard too!
Frank Eder: