Our Process & What to Expect

Lady Bug Creative Landscape and Design has a step-by-step process when we work with our clients.

It starts with the initial contact and consultation before developing an agreement that details how we will deliver your dream project. After installation, we stay in touch by following up and giving you our guarantee for work that has been completed. Here are the details about how we will work with you.

Initial Contact

When you connect with us, we will collect some basic information including your contact information, what kind of project you are interested in, any special requirements you think are important, your vision for the project and how you heard about us.

In addition to calling us, you can submit any information request by email.


Within a week of the first contact we will meet with you in person to do a walk-through of the property where the work is to be done. We will take notes and ask you about:
1) Characteristics of those using the space and what features are required.
2) Preferences of what you ideally would like to have designed for the space.
3) Your anticipated budget and timeframe for the work.

Design Service Agreement

After discussing your specific needs, our landscape designer will develop a proposal for design services and submit it to you for approval. When you accept our proposal we’ll draw up a detailed contract for the landscape plan and installation. At that time, we require a deposit to begin the design process. This deposit contributes to purchasing the materials necessary to commence the work.

Landscape design takes approximately 1-3 weeks and is free if our company does the installation for your project. We will provide revisions to the plan if necessary to accommodate your needs.


Work typically begins within 1 – 2 weeks of project acceptance. Depending on the scope of the project, our crew may be onsite at the property from one day to one month. Construction elements such as rough grading, drainage, walls, walkways, water features and large caliber trees are completed first.

Any disturbances will be repaired before the job is done. Bed preparation, soil conditioning and installation of smaller plants are completed next. All debris is picked up and disposed of properly. Driveways and walkways will be swept clean.

Follow Up

Our representatives will meet with you onsite to walk through the completed landscape. Any items that require attention will be noted and will be promptly resolved. You will be given written maintenance care instructions to help you through the establishment period of your project. You may contact our designer at any time with any questions should the need arise.


The terms of the guarantee are clearly specified on the bottom of your construction contract.

For gardening projects: trees and shrubs are guaranteed to be alive and well for a period of 1 year from the date of installation subject to payment conditions specified on the contract. Should a tree or shrub die we will replace it without cost to you.

For hardscaping projects: we offer a 2 year guarantee on our work.


Your satisfaction is important to us! We send a feedback card with the final invoice asking for your input on the final product.

Oskar Valdman, Owner
Landscape Manager

Oskar has a PhD in Geology. 
In addition to his extensive education, he has years of experience with managing landscaping and ecological projects. His dedication to projects is what our clients love. He understands how to build projects to meet a client’s budget and deadline. He loves the work, and gets things done.

Lucy Valdman, Owner
Landscape Designer

Lucy holds two Master Degrees, one in Biology, and the other in Landscape Design. She is a certified Gardener and Landscape Designer, with experience in the field and designs in Autocad. With over 20 years of experience in the field working on large and small sized projects, Lucy brings an attention to detail and customer service
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